Clinical facilities

During training period students are assigned to hospital duties for their clinical experiences in the various departments such as medical, surgical, OT, pediatrics, orthopedic, family welfare, cardio thoracic, ICU, In Government hospital & well equipped standards hospital in Pudukkottai further they are posted in various specialist hospital and community areas as per the requirements of each year.

Mother Terasa College of Nursing


The institution possesses well equipped laboratories in the department of fundamentals of nursing, Anatomy & physiology, Maternal & Child health, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition & Community etc, as per the norms of INC. The laboratories are open for the students on request even after the working hours


Our Institution has an own bus facilities for taking the students from college to clinical & community on time

Mother Terasa College of Nursing


The institution provides a native environment for the students. hostel is compulsory for all the students

General Facilities

    Spacious and well furnished rooms with inter com facilities

    modern dining hall serving nutritious, hygienic vegetarian & Non vegetarian food

    Stationary shop inside the campus

    separate rooms are available for visitors

    24hrs PCO / STD Services

    Medical facilities in advanced hospitals

Mother Terasa College of Nursing